isadisádadj 1oneIsad ka gatos an paraitlog sa akon manukan.The egg-layers in my poultry-house number-one hundred.Nagbakal siya sin isad ka galon na pinta.He bought one gallon of paint.2other, nextAdto siya sa isad na kwarto.He is there in-the other room.3aNagpalabas sin isad na Christmas drama an mga batan-on.The young-people presented a Christmas drama.Variantusad onen oneAn isad sa inda buang.One of them is foolish.Variantusad oneisadónv [c4] MAKA- ag; -ON pat. be combined, be consolidatedIsadon ko lang ini sin surudlan.I will just combine this in a container.isad-isadónv one by oneIsad-isadon mo sinda pagbunal.Whip them one-by-one.

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