sugosúgòn command, order, directive, commandment, charge, instructions, mandate, decreeNano an imo sugo?What is your command?surugùónn servant, maidWara kami sin suruguon.We do-not-have a servant.sugûonv [c6] 1MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc/ben. be ordered, be commanded, be charged, be instructed, be directedSuguon mo si Juan pagbakal sin karni sa mirkado.Order Juan to-buy some meat at-the market.2requestGinsugo ko siya na pagpangkuso san amon maati na bado.I requested her to launder our dirty clothes.magpasúgòv send, send out, send off, send away, dispatchNiyan, magpasugo ka sin mga lalaki sa Baleno.Now, you send some men to Baleno.synsubol

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