iyaíyapers prn 1him, her, it. This is the 3rd singular personal indirect referent pronoun of the Dative setIhatag ini sa iya.Give this to him.2its, his, her. The pronoun also functions as a possessor pronounNamimingaw siya sa iya nabayaan na mga amigo.He is lonely for his friends left-behind.3he ; it, she. This 3rd singular personal pronoun also occurs preceding a passive verb as its agentSa tanan na regalo an hatag ni Angelito an iya nailaan.Of all the gifts the-one which Angelito gave is the-one he liked-most.tag-íyan owner, of himSiya an tag-iya sini na libro.He is the owner of-this book.kinàíyan character, one's selfAmo na gayod ina an iya kinaiya.That really is his character.mag-iya-íyav [c5] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal. do something for one's selfNagaiya-iya si Jose sa pagluto.Jose is-cooking for-himself.

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