mitsamítsaSpn 1wick. Refers to the wick of a lamp or fuse for dynamite or firecrackersLiwani sin mitsa an ilawan.Change the wick on-the lamp.2instigator, causeSiya an mitsa sa araway.He is the instigator of-the quarrel.magmítsav [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. insert a wick, change a wick. Refers to inserting a new wick into a lamp or to change a wickNagamitsa siya san ilawan.He is-inserting-a-wick into-the lamp.imítsav be used for a wickMalinis na kamisita an imo imitsa dida sa mga ilawan.What will-be-used-for-a-wick by-you there in the lamps is a clean undershirt.mitsahánv be fitted with a wickMitsahan ko anay an mga ilawan kay mapawa pa.The lamps will first be-wicked by-me so-that they-will continue to-shine.

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