talinguhatalingúhàv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. StrivesyntaliungódstriveVarianttinguha magtalingúhàv strive hard, exert, persevereMagtalinguha ka pag-adal san imo mga liksyon.You strive-hard to-study your lessons.synungud-ungodstrive hardtinalinguhâann fruit of labor, result of laborAmo ini an akon tinalinguhaan.This is the fruit of my labor.pagtalingúhàn 1perseveranceMay pagtalinguha ini na bata.This child has perseverance.2strivingAn pinakaimportante na himuon amo an pagtalinguha na siya makadiskanso.The most important thing to do is the striving to-ennable him to-rest.Varianttinguha

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