puso3púsòn 1heartMay sakit siya sa puso.He has sickness in-the heart.2banana plant heart. Refers to the interior of the banana plant which is eaten as vegetablekapúsòn heartAn pagdalagan maayo na ehersisyo sa aton kapuso.Jogging is good exercise for our hearts.tagipusûonn inner beingNagaampo ako na an iyo tagipusuon maliwanagan.I am-praying that your inner-being will-be-enlightened.pusùánonadj brave, daring, courageous, fearless, pluckyPusuanon ka.You are-brave.n maitom an pusosay.n1bad person; spouse. Translated literally it means, 'half of-the heart'Maitom an imo puso.You-are a bad-person.2compassionMarasa pa na wara gayod sin puso ina na tawo.That that person really has no compassion is still surprising.

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