unodunódCebn 1meat, flesh, muscle. Can be either meat of animals or nuts, etc.Mahal an kilo san unod san kasag.A kilo of crab meat is expensive.2tuber, corm, rhizomeDaragko an unod san amon kamute.The tubers of our sweet-potatoes are big.mag-unódv [c2] 1MAG- exp. become fatNagaunod na an bayhon niya.Her face is-becoming-fat now.2grow roots, take root, grow tubersNagaunod na an aton balinghoy.Our cassava is-growing-tubers already.màunódadj has plenty of tubersMaunod an inda kamuti.Their sweet-potatoes have plenty-of-tubers.màúnodadj healthy, fleshy, fatMaunod ini na bata.This child is healthy.

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