molinomolínoSpv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. mill, grindcfgiling magmolínov mill grainNagamolino kami sin humay, mais kag kapi.We are-milling rice, corn and coffee.molinohónv be milledMolinohon ta anay ini na kanda Mr. Azillo.This will-be-milled first by-us-incl for Mr. Azillo.ipamolínov MAGPA- ag; IPA- acc. cause to millIpamolino ko ini na mais.I will-have this corn milled.molinohánn milling machine, millNasira an inda molinohan.Their mill is-damaged.paramolínon miller, operator of a millSi Juan an amon paramolino.Juan is our miller.parapamolínon miller's customerDamo sin parapamolino sa Ruiz Corn & Rice Mill.There-are-plenty of milling-customers at-the Ruiz corn & rice mill.pagmolínon millingAn pagmolino matuna sa alas sais an aga.The milling begins at six o'clock in-the morning.

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