sigpitsígpitadj MA-, PINAKA-masígpitadj narrowMasigpit an amon lamisa.Our table is narrow.anthalapadwideanthiwas cfsiot2 magsígpitv MAG- exp. become narrowNagsigpit an amon natad.Our-excl yard has-become-narrow.sumígpitv shrink, become smallerKabadli ko sani na bado kay sumigpit san akon pakalabhi.How-disgusted I-am with-this shirt because after my washing-it, it shrank.surusigpitáv [c11] -ON pat; -AN goal, I- acc. (from sigpiton) be narrowed, be squeezed togetherSurusigpita la niyo an iyo pagaingkod agod makaingkod man ako.Let your seating be just squeezed-together so-that I can sit-down also.isígpitv narrow something, make close-spacedIsigpit mo anay ina na usad ka kudal kay masigpit na ina tanan.Narrow-the-spacing-of that fence a-bit so-that all that will-be-close-spaced.synkipot1 narrow

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