alig-igalíg-igCebv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- accmag-alíg-iganv winnow. Refers to gently shaking grains in a tray to separate larger from smaller piecesalig-igánv winnow for someone. Refers to winnowing something for someone to get rid of the chaffJuan, alig-igan mo sinda Marta san binayo ninda na humay.n winnowing trayDaraha didi an alig-igan.Juan, winnow Marta and-her-companion's pounded rice for them.Bring the winnowing-tray here.synnigowinnowing trayadj alig-ígann winnowable; winnowing instrumentalig-igónn grain for winnowing. Refers to grain of any sort to be winnowedHain an alig-igon?Where is the stuff-to-be-winnowed?paràalig-ígn winnowerHumanap ka sin paraalig-ig kag pakadia.Look for a winnower and send-him-here.

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