surmatonsurmátonn wordAmo ini an surmaton san Dios.This is the message/word of God.cfsabi saysynpulongwordmagsurmátonv [c8] MAG- act; MA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben; I- acc. speak outNano kay dili ka magsurmaton.Why do you not speak-out.syntabil speak outmasurmátonv will speakMasurmaton ka sa Sabado.You will-speak on Saturday.makisurmátonv talk with, talk toDili ko maaraman na an Dios nakisurmaton sa aton.I did not know that God spoke-to us.isurmátonv speak on behalf ofkasurmatúnonv speak about someonesurmatúnanv speak to someonekasurmatúnin toic of conversationSiya an kasurmatuni didto sadto na kasadyaan.She-was the topic-of-conversation of-that happy-occasion at-that-time.kasurmatunónn conversation partnerKasurmatunon ko si Mama.Mother is my conversation-partner.

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