hunahúnàn idea, belief, opinionAn huna ko siya turog.My thought-was-that he was-asleep.maghúnàv [c2] MAG- act. thinkDili ako nagahuna na makaabot dida sana na lugar.I never thought that I could-arrive at-that place.synisip thinkhúna-húnàn opinion, thinkingNano an huna-huna mo sani na surunugan?What is your opinion about these conflagrations?Wara ini sa huna-huna san iya makaluluoy na iloy.This never entered his sorrowful mother's thinking.makahúna-húnàv can thinkAko nakahuna-huna na bali ada an mingaw sa uma.I thought that the loneliness on the farm would-be-very great.húna-hunâonv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON pat. be thought, be consideredHuna-hunaon mo an imo puturo.Let your future be-thought-about by-you.kahúnàn thoughtKahuna ko na ako an makaluluoy na tawo sa mundo.My thought was-that I was the most-pitiful person in-the world.

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