laba2labáSpv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc.maglabáv launder, wash clothesSi Myrna adto sa suba nagalaba san amon yamit.Myrna is there at-the river washing our clothes.labahánv be launderedLabahan mo an amon maati na bado.Let our-excl dirty clothes be-laundered by-you.labáhann soiled clothes, dirty linens. Refers to clothes to be launderedDarhon mo didi an labahan.Bring the soiled-clothes here.labádan laundered clotheslinabhánn laundered clothesPilua kag himusa an linabhan.Fold and store the laundered-clothes.paralában launderer. A general term for one who does laundry, whether a male or femaleMasakit an amon paralaba.Our launderer is sick.labandéran laundry womanlabandéron laundry man

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