bulig2búligv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/benmagbúligv help, assistKon nagabulig ka man la didi sa pagkita, maayo pa na humali ka didi.If you are just helping here by looking-on, it is best now that you leave here at-once.bulíganv help someoneBuligan mo si Jose pag-alog.Help Jose to-carry-water.ibúligv help benefit someone. This form of the verb has the meaning of helping someone do something for his benefitIbulig man ako niyo sana na gurang pagtindog kay dili nakatindog.You-all please help me stand-up that old-one because he is not able-to-stand-up-by-himself.kabúlign helper, assistant, aide, ally, colleague, attendantNag-uli an amon kabulig.Our helper went-home.mabuligónadj helpfulMabuligon ini na bata.This child is helpful.syntabang help

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