ag-1vb prefixsubjective voice. This prefix marks a verb for subjective voice action, with actor or agent as Topic of the clause. It is also used by many speakers on verbs expressing natural phenomenon, e.g. rain rains, wind blows, dawn bursts, without an overt Topic. It co-occurs with the aspect prefixes m-, and n-, thus mag- and nag-. See Grammatical Sketch, sec. 5.31 for inflectional forms.(m)ag(alaad)vwill-flameMagalaad sa kapawa an kahon.The box will-flame in brilliant-light.(m)ag(ginhawa)vbreatheWara na siya magginhawa.She no-longer breathes.(m)ag(-ayo)vintentionally-askDili ako dapat maalo na mag-ayo sa iya san akon mga kinahanglan.I must not be-ashamed to-intentionally-ask him for my needed-things.(m)ag(apadayon)vwill-continueDidto na ako magapadayon san pag-adal.There I will-continue studying.

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