luksolúksoCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN loc; I- ben.maglúksov jump, vault, leap, hurdleMaglukso ka sa kudal.Jump-over the fence.cflumpat luksúhonv jump up, spring upLuksuhon mo kun dili ka nakaabot; basi maabot mo.Jump-up if you were not able-to-reach; maybe you can reach-it.ilúksov jump up for someoneIlukso man ako sani na bayabas kay dili ako nakaabot.Jump-up this guava-tree for me because I was not able-to-reach-it.luksúhanv jump up to some placePagkita san ginaluksuhan mo kay may buong na botilya dida.Look-at the-place-where you are-jumping because there-is a broken bottle there.paralúkson jumperMasakit an amon paralukso.Our jumper is sick.paglúkson jumpingTaason mo an imo paglukso.Make your jumping high.

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