tugontúgonn instruction, message, commandAn tugon mo dili lang ako magkomentar.Your instruction was that I should not comment.katugúnann instructions, testament.Kinahanglan naton sunudon an katugunan san Dios.We-incl should obey God's instructions.tugúnonv [c4] MA- act; -ON pat. be instructed, advise, send a messageGintugon niya an tulo na dili maghali sa kuwebe.The three were-instructed by-him not to-leave the cave.matúgonv instruct, commandNatugon an akon magurang na si Verling, 'Hust, puyo lang kamo, ha!'My elder-brother, Verling, instructed-us, 'Hust, you-all just be-quiet, ha!'synsugo command

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