midyanotsimidyanótsiSpn 1midnightMidyanotsi idto san primero kami nagbagot.It-was a midnight when we first met.2New Year's EveTagaan ko ikaw sin rigalo sa midyanotsi.I will-give you a gift on New-Years-eve.midyanotsíhann midnight dinner food. Refers to the dinner which typically climaxes the New Year's Eve celebrationWara kami sin midyanotsihan.We do-not-have food-for-the-midnight-dinner.magmidyanótsiv [c8] MAG-, MA- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. eat midnight dinner. Refers to eating a midnight dinner on New Year's EveNagamidyanotsi si Lilia sa amon.Lilia is-eating her midnight-dinner with us.mamidyanótsiv midnight dinner, eat...Dili kami mamidyanotsi.We will-not eat-New-Year's-Eve-dinner.

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